Saturday, October 30, 2010


We took the tourist trail on south to mid of Bohol, and Panglao Island. We stayed at Olman's View Resort, north of Panglao, and around 20 mins. tricycle from the city. On our first day, we took the land tour. Dauis Church, in Dauis, Panglao was our first stop. Then Tagbilaran City, Baclayon Church at Baclayon, Tarsier Sanctuary along Loboc, Loboc River Cruise at Loboc, and Chocolate Hills at Carmen. On the second day, we took a boat at Alona Beach in Tawala, Panglao, going to Balicasag Island.

Tagbilaran port view from Olman's View Resort.

Dauis Church. I would commend the artist/director of this church for the great effort to make it look like the Sistine Chapel. I'm not comparing the paintings to Michelangelo's. I just like it that somebody wanted to idealize their place of gathering and worship, and to relive the idea of entering the church is like entering heaven.

The main feature of this church is the well inside it, and the locals believe it has miraculous powers through its patron saint, the Virgin of Assumption.

See the Last Supper upside down.

Baclayon Church. Baclayon is the 2nd oldest stone church in the Philippines. It was built in 1595 by Jesuits. Beside it is a museum which houses century old artifacts like chalice, urns and other church items. You can't take pictures inside the museum though.

Man-made forest. Bilar, Tagbilaran

Chocolate Hills. During summer, the grass dries up and turns brown, hence the name, chocolate.

They're really nice to look at, but better if you experience being there. ATV serves this purpose. Just below the entrance of the Chocolate Hills viewpoint, ATV vehicles are for rent. You have an option for the time limit, 30mins, and 1 hr.

You will pass by a barrio on the way back and may see a slice of life of a local.
Loboc River. This was a tourist trap. We ate buffet lunch on their floating restaurant for P300. The food was not fresh, and the actual trip on the river was just around 20mins. The view is okay, it's clean, and has a mini falls, which I guess is the highlight of the trip.

We stopped by one of the floating cottages to watch a cultural dance.

Balicasag Island. Virgin Beach sandbar

We tried some exotic food.

Dumaluan Beach Resort. Panglao Island. It's a vast white sand beach that has two entrances, private and public. Below is the private view.

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