Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Never thought I'd be blogging

Hmmm... As what a lot of my co-artist friends are practicing right now, the purpose of my site would be to showcase my works, photos, graphic designs, art directions, layouts, illustrations, and a few flash animations. The difference of this with my other portfolio website (www.lizranola.carbonmade.com) is that, I hope, this would have a more personal feel. I can see right now that my site would be about my travels, comments about the place, the price, the food, and of course, about the destination. I want the people searching on the web for a place to visit in the Philippines to come across my site. So there's 7107 islands, i've been to 6, so 7101 more to go. haha! next month will be another one down. Aside from comments, I'll be offering photos too, as it would be boring without visuals. I'll be posting my print projects too, sharing how i did it, my inspirations, and the idea behind them.

So, have fun!

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  1. jeje, nobody will steal your photos so ease up on the watermark...congrats