Monday, May 3, 2010

DAVAO 2009

Davao 2009

SOARING LIKE THE EAGLES DO. My feet hundreds of meters up from the ground, this was one of the first experiences, never done before things I dared to myself.
Zipline at Digos, Davao del Sur.

RAPPELLING. Mt. Apo at a far distance, covered by the clouds. It's best to stay overnight here(there are rooms for rent), do the zipline at sunrise and see Mt. Apo in all its glory.

On the way up to the zipline area

UMBRELLA. I caught this tree while I was on a van, on the way to the zipline.

LIVING ART. We stayed here at Ponce Suites, Davao City. This reminds me of Oh My Gulay in Baguio, even better. The owner is Kublai, an artist, and at the top of the mosaic gecko stairs is his painting area. I would recommend this place, clean, affordable, and has a lot creativity for your eyes and mind to savor.

WHEREVER THE TIDES WILL TAKE US. This is in Samal Island, Davao del Norte. We rode a ferry boat, unsure of where in Samal it will take us. I forgot the name of this beach where we ended up. Nevertheless, it was really worth it. Clear water, white sand, clean, and best of all, not too many tourists.

THE LOUDEST FRUIT IN THE WORLD. Banned in airplanes and hotels, the smell of durian is overpowering. Even so, Davao would be incomplete without this.

ARNY, THE CELEBRITY EAGLE. He is the most photographed eagle in the Philippines, he's the one you see in postcards and books.

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