Tuesday, May 4, 2010

DESTINATION 2 &3 OF 10: Guimaras and Panay Island

Destination 2: Guimaras
April 16, 2010. To commemorate the Manggahan festival, the town of San Miguel held a dance contest with the locals as the participants. The festival was filled with colors of yellow and green.

MAGNIFICENT AT TOP VIEW. View from Guisi's old lighthouse, the new lighthouse, and the stretch of Clearwaters Beach Resort at Guisi, Nueva Valencia, Guimaras.
On the way to the lighthouse. You will have to take a hike from Clearwaters Resort to get to the ruins of lighthouse.My cousin and his wife behind the ruins
HIDDEN PARADISE. A peek from inside the lighthouse.
NICE BUT NOT ENOUGH. On the way down to Clearwaters Beach Resort. There's just too much for a small beach. Cottages are cramped, and there's too much different music playing at the same time. The food is expensive for the standard of the place too, so it's advisable to bring your own food. Grills are available for ihaw-ihaw though.
Guisi offers some interesting rock formations.
Destination 3: Capiz
PANAY CHURCH. This renovated church is one of the oldest in Asia, and is the home of the biggest bell in the continent as well. But the said bell was stolen by the pirates a long time ago, according to sources, and is said to be right now at the South China Sea.
An unusual fishing style at Talinting, Sapian, Capiz


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  2. i know...napansin ko rin yan. pero tinamad na kong isa-isahin na namang baguhin ang mga photos. so on my next destination, maliit na. caramoan!

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