Saturday, August 4, 2012

Wapaak II: Freedom as Viewed by Women

An art exhibit at VOCAS(Victor Ortega Community Art Space) in Oh My Gulay Resto, Baguio City
March 31-April 27

Twenty female artists, twenty different interpretations of freedom. I was one of the participants of this exhibit, and together with other artists, we stressed freedom on different aspects of a woman's life--love, family, sex, identity, heritage, work, dreams. There were paintings, sculptures, mixed media art, and installation art. On the opening, there were music, poetry, a welcome message from Katrin de Guia, and of course, food :)

Ma'am Katrin de Guia giving a welcome message

Here are some of the artworks...

"Alay"  Mixed media. One of my works, it shows I guess the important areas of my life. It means while I work for a good life, I don't know my future still. Questions like, will I succeed at work, how will I see, what will I think, will I have kids, where will I go, how's my love life, whatever my future is, I surrender to it. I will not fight my fate. 
Another work of mine, fur on paper. Well you know what this is :)
Paintings by Ceres Canilao

On the right, mixed media artwork by Fara Manuel
"Girl's Room" Installation art by Mai Saporsantos

Paintings by Czarina Caliwanagan
L-R:  "The Imperfection of Man I and II" by Tara Lalaine Natividad; Ink on canvas; Painting on wood
Painting by Kizel Cotiw-an

"Sa Kandungan ni Inang Kalikasan" by Mary Elizabeth Alejo-Aytin. Poster color on bilao.
"Ligkhawa" by Golda Cecilia Acofo Cajigan. Installation art. This is the picture of Golda's grandmother and her  belongings.

Personal items such as letters, glasses and trinkets.

Because of this installation art, I thought, wouldn't it be nice to have an exhibit of various letters, old letters, handwritten letters, notes, from loved ones, friends, family, all expressions of love, longing, hate, appreciation? Hmmm...


  1. Thanks for taking a photo of my work! Congrats to us! Galing nation humabol sa deadline! haha Lalo na ikaw, pati exhibit opening ba naman nahabol mo! Idol!

  2. ahaha. rush kung rush tayo, pero di mukhang rush.