Monday, October 22, 2012

Some Family Album

Yay! I'm excited to post again. I try to discipline myself to post every week, at least for India. I've posted some of the photos here on facebook, but I'm still excited because some are new ones. So please scroll down. And like I said on facebook, one of the things I enjoyed very much in India are the people asking you to take photos of them, and them with you. We Filipinos love to take photos of ourselves especially when we are in a new place. I thought we are the kings, until I met the Indians. If you've read my previous entry, my camera was not always on my neck. There are times when it's not advisable to take it out. So when I get a chance, it makes my day, like pancakes in the morning with strawberries and syrup and butter on top, and coffee.

So, here are the people I met along the way. I would like to share to you their smiles, their moments, and sometimes, with me in it. Hehe.

Hitch hiking in Khajuraho
The people in front of me inside the jeep. I like how they have mixed emotions.
Kids who approached me to take their picture. I was already eyeing them while
they were playing, some couple of minutes before they asked me.
Beautiful family at Jama Masjid, New Delhi
Some excursion happening at Red Fort, New Delhi

Me with the group. 

Grandfathers having a discussion in Ganga River, Varanasi.
A common sight.  Baba live by alms, in kind donations, and smoking . Varanasi
A kid as part of the audience at a ceremony for the river Ganga.
Field trip in Qutub Minar, New Delhi. I like the wave that they sort of created in this picture,
from all smiles, to confused, to smiles again, to not paying attention.
Mother and child
Mother and child 2. In front of India Gate, New Delhi. 
Mother and child 3. Just right before entering Taj Mahal. In Agra 
Father and child. Dad assisting his son at Ganga river, one early morning inVaranasi.
It is their holy water, giver of life, and they believe that they will be purified by submerging themselves.
They do this every morning.
Pretty eyes! They are siblings.
Jewelry seller. Such gorgeous eyes and smile. I think Indian men are the only ones who can carry eyeliner without looking "emo."

I spent two hours in his shop, talking about his craft, about whatever, and drinking milk tea with his little son. Tasty hot tea
was actually good for my colds at that time. And he sells some really good stuff. I wish I have bought more mantles.

This man was talking to me in Hindu (I guess).  I shot him against the light and had blur, but I like how every line in his face formed a smile.
While waiting in line to get inside Taj Mahal, I took their photo and  the women on the left were especially delighted that they danced! 
While walking on little streets of Varanasi. :) Lots of milk for a growing boy!
She was my seatmate in the bus in Agra.
Chocolate boys. It rained once in Varanasi during my stay, and it really poured.  And while water from the city was gushing to this Ganga river,
these boys were scouring for whatever they can find useful. This was what they looked like after the treasure hunt :)

Of course mee with students at Qutub Minar, New Delhi.

Next post, my trip in Delhi and where I went. And my couch surfing experience :)


  1. Great work, i like the colour, what kind of lens you use...?
    I've been to varanasi before, i love this city and will back again next year.

    Greet from Indonesia.

  2. Hello Mareta! Thanks. I love Varanasi too :) I used wide angle and one for portrait lenses. :)